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We are battle tested with the largest brands in video, powering unique visual storytelling and relationship building.

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White-Labeled Live Program Guide

Supports any HLS feed provided. Bring your own linear stitched stream or we can stitch 24/7 programmed live stitched channels from your VOD content.

With Powr Video A.I., programmatically turn any content library into a smart live channel that runs on autopilot. Set your program rules to automatically curate an optimized 24/7 live experience. Run multiple channels constantly updating with new content with minimal effort.

Live Event Support

Build anticipation for your upcoming Live Events and add support for countdown pages.

Use an HLS distributable live stream or use a piece of VOD content feature as a live event.

Real Time Chat

  • Bring User engagement to the next level, allowing users to interact with each other in real time during live events across web and mobile apps
  • Premium Chat – This allows users to purchase priority chat features, like having their chats featured at the top of the chat, and remain there for longer – Coming Soon

Own your Audience

  • Reach your users with scheduled push notifications with deeplinks to content
  • Keep your users up to date with powerful email campaigning with Mailchimp or Sail Thru integrations

Watch Party

  • With Powr’s latest iteration, users will be able to create private watch parties with their friends and family. They can invite them with a share link and set up a private chat room with synchronized playback across Web, and Mobile apps in real time.
  • Supporting Live Events and VOD Content. Coming Soon!

Our Business Models are Flexible

Monetization - SVOD / TVOD

  • Flexible monetization models across platforms
  • Monthly and Annual – Provides you the flexibility to offer your content on a recurring basis that fits your users needs and budget
  • One-Time  – Whether it is a live event or a limited release, One-time purchases allows uses to access content with a one-time non-recurring purchase
  • Period  – Offer access to your content with an expiry date.
  • Rentals – Allows users to access a piece of content for a limited amount of time, and a one time fee (Web Only)

Robust Reporting

  • Providing you the most up to date reporting across Content and Subscription Analytics
  • Content Analytics that provide watch time, average watch time, view count, location, and platform level data
  • Subscription Revenue analytics that provide your abilities to see any purchases across different platforms

Monetization - AVOD

  • Ads can be implemented across the entire streaming service, at the app
    platform level or at the channel level.
  • Powr is VAST compliant and has IMA SDKs built into each of our native applications for
    seamless rendering of VAST/VPAID/VMAP tags.
  • Powr allows clients to bring their own ad demand are also plug in 3rd party ad networks and other advertising

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